Script language used in ManiaPlanet
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1 class Void {};
2 class Integer{};
3 class Real{};
4 class Boolean{};
5 class Text{};
6 class Vec2{};
7 class Vec3{};
8 class Int3{};
9 class Ident{};
15 struct CMlScript : public CNod {
16  enum LinkType {
23  };
27  const CMlPage Page;
35  const Integer Now;
39  const Integer Period;
67  const Real MouseX;
71  const Real MouseY;
87  const Boolean KeyUp;
115  Boolean IsKeyPressed(Integer KeyCode);
123  Void EnableMenuNavigation(Boolean EnableInputs,Boolean WithAutoFocus,CMlControl AutoBackControl,Integer InputPriority);
135  Void TriggerPageAction(Text ActionString);
151  Void SendCustomEvent(Text Type,Text[] Data);
155  Void PreloadImage(Text ImageUrl);
156 };
162 struct CMlEntry : public CMlControl {
170  Void StartEdition();
179 };
185 struct CMlFileEntry : public CMlEntry {
190 };
196 struct CMlLabel : public CMlControl {
212  Void SetText(Text NewText);
249 };
255 struct CMlMediaPlayer : public CMlControl {
256 };
262 struct CMlQuad : public CMlControl {
267  };
271  Void ChangeImageUrl(Text fieldName);
320 };
326 struct CMlGauge : public CMlControl {
334  Void SetRatio(Real NewRatio);
338  Void SetClan(Integer NewClan);
367 };
373 struct CMlGraph : public CMlControl {
394 };
400 struct CMlMinimap : public CMlControl {
417 };
423 struct CMlCamera : public CMlControl {
424 };
430 struct CMlBrowser : public CMlScript {
435  };
437  Ok,
440  };
444  const CMap CurMap;
464  Void BrowserBack();
468  Void BrowserQuit();
472  Void BrowserHome();
484  Void SetLocalUserClubLink(Text ClubLink);
485 };
491 struct CManiaApp : public CNod {
492  enum ELinkType {
495  };
499  const Integer Now;
519  const Real MouseX;
523  const Real MouseY;
543  Void LayerCustomEvent(CUILayer Layer,Text Type,Text[] Data);
547  Void OpenLink(Text Url,ELinkType LinkType);
560 };
565 struct CManiaAppEvent : public CNod {
566  enum EType {
571  };
573  Up,
581  };
585  const EType Type;
617  const Text KeyName;
618 };
624 struct CManiaAppTitle : public CManiaApp {
632  Void Menu_Quit();
636  Void Menu_Home();
640  Void Menu_Solo();
648  Void Menu_Local();
656  Void Menu_Editor();
660  Void Menu_Profile();
664  Void PlayMap(Text Map);
673 };
678 struct CStation : public CNod {
682  const CTitle Title;
707 };
713 struct CMlStation : public CMlBrowser {
721  Void EnterStation();
722 };
728 struct CEditorPlugin : public CManiaApp {
734  };
735  enum PlaceMode {
749  };
750  enum EditMode {
751  Unknown,
758  };
766  const CMap Map;
774  Void Undo();
778  Void Redo();
782  Void Quit();
786  Void Help();
790  Void Validate();
794  Void AutoSave();
798  Void SaveMap(Text FileName,Text Path);
878  Void RemoveAll();
922  Boolean CanPlaceBlock(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 Coord,CardinalDirections Dir,Boolean OnGround,Integer VariantIndex);
926  Boolean PlaceBlock(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 Coord,CardinalDirections Dir);
930  Boolean CanPlaceBlock_NoDestruction(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 Coord,CardinalDirections Dir,Boolean OnGround,Integer VariantIndex);
938  Boolean CanPlaceRoadBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
942  Boolean PlaceRoadBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
946  Boolean CanPlaceTerrainBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
950  Boolean PlaceTerrainBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
954  Boolean PlaceTerrainBlocks_NoDestruction(CBlockModel BlockModel,Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
974  CBlock GetBlock(Int3 Coord);
978  Boolean RemoveBlock(Int3 Coord);
982  Boolean RemoveTerrainBlocks(Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
994  Void CopyPaste_AddOrSubSelection(Int3 StartCoord,Int3 EndCoord);
1002  Void SaveMacroblock(CMacroblockModel MacroblockModel);
1010  Void SetInterfaceNumber(CCollector Collector,Integer NewValue);
1014  CMacroblockModel GetMacroblockModelFromName(Text MacroblockModelName);
1018  CBlockModel GetTerrainBlockModelFromName(Text TerrainBlockModelName);
1022  CBlockModel GetBlockModelFromName(Text BlockModelName);
1042  const CBlock[] Blocks;
1171 };
1177 struct CSmMode : public CMode {
1178  enum EWeapon {
1183  };
1193  };
1204  };
1205  enum EGameplay {
1208  };
1388  const CSmScore[] Scores;
1396  Void PassOn(CSmModeEvent Event);
1400  Void Discard(CSmModeEvent Event);
1404  Void SpawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum,Integer Armor,CSmMapPlayerSpawn PlayerSpawn,Integer ActivationDate);
1408  Void SpawnBotPlayer(CSmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum,Integer Armor,CSmMapPlayerSpawn PlayerSpawn,Integer ActivationDate);
1412  Void SpawnBotPlayer(CSmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum,Integer Armor,CSmMapBotPath BotPath,Integer ActivationDate);
1416  Void UnspawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player);
1420  Void ClearScores();
1424  Void SetPlayerClan(CSmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum);
1428  Void SetPlayerWeapon(CSmPlayer Player,EWeapon DefaultWeapon,Boolean AutoSwitchWeapon);
1432  Void SetPlayerReloadAllWeapons(CSmPlayer Player,Boolean ReloadAllWeapons);
1444  Void AddPlayerAmmo(CSmPlayer Player,EWeapon Weapon,Real DeltaCount);
1456  Void AddPlayerArmor(CSmPlayer Victim,Integer DeltaArmor,CSmPlayer Shooter,Integer ShooterPoints);
1460  Void RemovePlayerArmor(CSmPlayer Victim,Integer DeltaArmor,CSmPlayer Shooter,Integer ShooterPoints);
1472  Void RespawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player);
1476  Void RespawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player,CSmMapLandmark CheckpointLandmark);
1480  CSmPlayer CreateBotPlayer(Ident ModelId,Integer TeamNum);
1484  Void DestroyBotPlayer(CSmPlayer BotPlayer);
1492  Void ScriptedBot_Move(CSmPlayer BotPlayer,Vec3 Goal);
1496  Void ScriptedBot_MoveDelta(CSmPlayer BotPlayer,Vec3 Delta);
1500  Void ScriptedBot_MoveAndAim(CSmPlayer BotPlayer,Vec3 Goal);
1508  Void ScriptedBot_Aim(CSmPlayer BotPlayer,Vec3 Goal);
1512  Void ScriptedBot_AimDelta(CSmPlayer BotPlayer,Real DeltaYaw,Real DeltaPitch);
1524  Void ActionLoad(CSmPlayer Player,EActionSlot ActionSlot,Ident ModelId);
1528  Void ActionBind(CSmPlayer Player,EActionSlot ActionSlot,EActionInput ActionInput);
1532  Void ActionSetVariant(CSmPlayer Player,EActionSlot ActionSlot,Integer ActionVariant);
1536  Void SetNbFakePlayers(Integer NbClan1,Integer NbClan2);
1544  CSmObject ObjectCreate(Ident ModelId);
1548  Void ObjectDestroy(CSmObject Object);
1577 };
1603  const CSmScore[] Scores;
1640 };
1646 struct CSmAction : public CNod {
1650  const Integer Now;
1690  Void SendRulesEvent(Text Param1,Text[] Param2,CSmPlayer Shooter,CSmPlayer Victim);
1694  Ident GetAnimModelId(Text ModelName);
1698  Void PlayAnimOnPlayer(Ident AnimModelId,CSmPlayer Player);
1702  Void PlayAnimAtPosition(Ident AnimModelId,Vec3 Position,Vec3 Direction);
1706  Ident GetProjectileModelId(Text ModelName);
1710  Void CreateProjectile(CSmPlayer PlayerToIgnore,Ident ProjectileModelId,Vec3 InitialPosition,Vec3 InitialDirection,Vec3 InitialVelocity);
1714  Void CreateProjectile(CSmPlayer PlayerToIgnore,Ident ProjectileModelId,Vec3 InitialPosition,Vec3 InitialDirection,Vec3 InitialVelocity,Integer ContextId);
1718  Void CreateShoot(CSmPlayer Shooter,Ident ProjectileModelId);
1722  Void CreateShoot(CSmPlayer Shooter,Ident ProjectileModelId,Integer ContextId);
1734  Void Cooldown_Start();
1735 };
1741 struct CSmMapType : public CMapType {
1745  const CSmMode Mode;
1746 };
1768  const CTmScore[] Scores;
1793 };
1799 struct CTmMode : public CMode {
1809  };
1815  };
1820  Normal,
1821  };
1826  };
1850  const CTmScore[] Scores;
1878  Void PassOn(CTmModeEvent Event);
1882  Void Discard(CTmModeEvent Event);
1886  Void SpawnPlayer(CTmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum,Integer RaceStartTime);
1890  Void UnspawnPlayer(CTmPlayer Player);
1894  Void SetPlayerClan(CTmPlayer Player,Integer ClanNum);
1898  Void Scores_Sort(ETmScoreSortOrder SortOrder);
1902  Void Scores_Clear();
2007 };
2013 struct CTmMapType : public CMapType {
2017  const CTmMode Mode;
2018 };
2023 struct CNod {
2027  const Ident Id;
2028 };
2034 struct CMlPage : public CNod {
2042  CMlControl GetFirstChild(Text ControlId);
2050  Void GetClassChildren(Text Class,CMlFrame Frame,Boolean Recursive);
2055 };
2061 struct CUser : public CNod {
2062  enum EEchelon {
2073  };
2074  enum ETagType {
2079  };
2081  None,
2084  };
2088  const Text Login;
2092  const Text Name;
2120  const Vec3 Color;
2184  const Text[] Tags_Id;
2205  enum PlayerType {
2207  Fake (not net),
2210  };
2216  };
2217 };
2223 struct CTitle : public CNod {
2227  const Text TitleId;
2235  const Text Name;
2239  const Text Desc;
2243  const Text InfoUrl;
2252 };
2257 struct CMlEvent : public CNod {
2258  enum Type {
2266  };
2276  };
2280  const Type Type;
2288  const Text KeyName;
2313 };
2318 struct CXmlManager : public CNod {
2322  CXmlDocument Create(Text Contents);
2326  CXmlDocument Create(Text Contents,Boolean GenerateText,Boolean GenerateTextRaw,Boolean GenerateTextResursive);
2330  Void Destroy(CXmlDocument Document);
2335 };
2340 struct CHttpManager : public CNod {
2348  CHttpRequest CreateGet(Text Url,Boolean UseCache);
2352  CHttpRequest CreatePost(Text Url,Text Resource);
2356  Void Destroy(CHttpRequest Request);
2360  Boolean IsValidUrl(Text Url);
2369 };
2374 struct CAudioManager : public CNod {
2375  enum ELibSound {
2388  };
2396  CAudioSound CreateSound(Text Url,Real VolumedB,Boolean IsMusic,Boolean IsLooping,Boolean IsSpatialized);
2400  Void DestroySound(CAudioSound Sound);
2408  Void PlaySoundEvent(CAudioSound Sound,Real VolumedB);
2412  Void PlaySoundEvent(Text Url,Real VolumedB);
2416  Void PlaySoundEvent(ELibSound Sound,Integer SoundVariant,Real VolumedB);
2420  Void PlaySoundEvent(CAudioSound Sound,Real VolumedB,Integer Delay);
2424  Void PlaySoundEvent(Text Url,Real VolumedB,Integer Delay);
2428  Void PlaySoundEvent(ELibSound Sound,Integer SoundVariant,Real VolumedB,Integer Delay);
2441 };
2447 struct CMlControl : public CNod {
2453  };
2458  None,
2460  };
2472  Boolean HasClass(Text Class);
2516  Boolean DataAttributeExists(Text DataName);
2520  Text DataAttributeGet(Text DataName);
2524  Void DataAttributeSet(Text DataName,Text DataValue);
2528  Void Show();
2532  Void Hide();
2536  Void Unload();
2540  Void Focus();
2541 };
2546 struct CMlGraphCurve : public CNod {
2558  Void SortPoints();
2567 };
2573 struct CMap : public CNod {
2613  const Text MapType;
2665  const Int3 Size;
2666 };
2671 struct CUILayer : public CNod {
2684  };
2705 };
2711  enum Type {
2714  (reserved),
2724  };
2725  enum EInput {
2747  };
2751  const Type Type;
2755  const EInput Input;
2760 };
2765 struct CBlockModel : public CCollector {
2766  enum EBaseType {
2771  };
2776  None,
2778  };
2779  enum EProdState {
2784  };
2788  const Text Name;
2813 };
2819 struct CMacroblockModel : public CCollector {
2843  const Text Name;
2844 };
2849 struct CItemAnchor : public CNod {
2855  };
2860 };
2865 struct CBlock : public CNod {
2871  };
2883  Void UseDefaultAnchor();
2887  Void UseCustomAnchor();
2891  const Int3 Coord;
2904 };
2910 struct CAnchorData : public CNod {
2927 };
2933 struct CMode : public CNod {
2934  enum EMedal {
2941  };
2965  const Text MapName;
2969  const CMap Map;
2977  const CUser[] Users;
2981  const CTeam[] Teams;
2997  Void TweakTeamColorsToAvoidHueOverlap();
3001  const Integer Now;
3021  Void RequestLoadMap();
3025  Void RequestUnloadMap();
3041  Void Ladder_OpenMatch_Request();
3045  Void Ladder_AddPlayer(CScore PlayerScore);
3049  Void Ladder_OpenMatch_BeginRequest();
3053  Void Ladder_OpenMatch_AddPlayer(CScore PlayerScore);
3057  Void Ladder_OpenMatch_EndRequest();
3061  Void Ladder_CloseMatchRequest();
3065  Void Ladder_CancelMatchRequest();
3073  Void Ladder_SetResultsVersion(Integer Version);
3077  Void Ladder_SetMatchMakingMatchId(Integer MatchId);
3081  Void Ladder_EnableChallengeMode(Boolean Enable);
3085  Boolean Admin_KickUser(CUser User,Text Reason);
3089  Void Admin_SetLobbyInfo(Boolean IsLobby,Integer LobbyPlayerCount,Integer LobbyMaxPlayerCount,Real LobbyPlayersLevel);
3093  Void AutoTeamBalance();
3097  Void Solo_SetNewRecord(CScore PlayerScore,EMedal PlayerScore);
3117  Integer Synchro_AddBarrier();
3121  Boolean Synchro_BarrierReached(Integer Barrier);
3125  Boolean Users_AreAllies(CUser User1,CUser User2);
3129  Void Users_RequestSwitchToSpectator(CUser User);
3133  CUser Users_CreateFake(Text NickName,Integer RequestedTeam);
3137  Void Users_DestroyFake(CUser User);
3141  Void Users_SetNbFakeUsers(Integer NbTeam1,Integer NbTeam2);
3145  Void Users_DestroyAllFakes();
3149  Void ItemList_Begin();
3153  Ident ItemList_Add(Text ModelName);
3157  Ident ItemList_AddWithSkin(Text ModelName,Text SkinName);
3161  Void ItemList_End();
3165  Void DemoToken_StartUsingToken();
3169  Void DemoToken_StopUsingToken();
3173  Void DemoToken_GetAndUseToken(CUser User);
3177  Void ActionList_Begin();
3181  Ident ActionList_Add(Text ActionName);
3185  Void ActionList_End();
3197  Void Replay_Start();
3201  Void Replay_Stop();
3202 };
3208 struct CSmPlayer : public CPlayer {
3213  };
3353  const Real AimYaw;
3413  const Real Speed;
3442 };
3447 struct CSmModeEvent : public CNod {
3448  enum EType {
3466  };
3476  };
3487  };
3489  Weapon,
3490  Movement,
3491  Activable1,
3492  Activable2,
3493  Activable3,
3494  Activable4,
3495  None,
3496  };
3500  const EType Type;
3528  const Real Height;
3584  const Text Param1;
3588  const Text[] Param2;
3608  const CUser User;
3653 };
3658 struct CSmMapBase : public CNod {
3671 };
3677 struct CSmMapLandmark : public CNod {
3681  const Text Tag;
3718 };
3724 struct CSmScore : public CScore {
3760  Void Clear();
3761 };
3767 struct CSmObject : public CNod {
3768  enum EStatus {
3773  };
3785  Void SetAnchor(CSmMapObjectAnchor ObjectAnchor);
3789  Void SetPlayer(CSmPlayer Player);
3793  Void SetPosition(Vec3 Position);
3797  Void SetPositionAndVel(Vec3 Position,Vec3 Vel);
3801  Void SetUnspawned();
3813  const Vec3 Vel;
3822 };
3828 struct CMlScriptIngame : public CMlScript {
3829  enum EUISound {
3859  };
3866  };
3894  const CMap Map;
3898  Void ShowCurChallengeCard();
3902  Void ShowModeHelp();
3906  Void CopyServerLinkToClipBoard();
3910  Void JoinTeam1();
3914  Void JoinTeam2();
3918  const CTeam[] Teams;
3922  Void SetSpectateTarget(Text Player);
3926  Void ShowProfile(Text Player);
3930  Void ShowInGameMenu();
3950  Void PlayUiSound(EUISound Sound,Integer SoundVariant,Real Volume);
3954  Void CloseInGameMenu(EInGameMenuResult Result);
3955 };
3960 struct CSmActionEvent : public CNod {
3961  enum EType {
3966  };
3970  const EType Type;
3998  const Vec3 Normal;
3999 };
4005 struct CMapType : public CEditorPlugin {
4010  };
4018  Void ClearMapMetadata();
4034  Void StartTestMapWithMode(Text RulesModeName);
4038  Void RequestEnterPlayground();
4042  Void RequestLeavePlayground();
4047 };
4053 struct CTmMlPlayer : public CPlayer {
4054  enum ERaceState {
4059  };
4123  const Real AimYaw;
4139  const Real Speed;
4144 };
4150 struct CTmScore : public CScore {
4182  Void Clear();
4183 };
4189 struct CTmPlayer : public CPlayer {
4229  const Real AimYaw;
4246 };
4251 struct CTmModeEvent : public CNod {
4252  enum EType {
4261  };
4301  };
4305  const EType Type;
4389  const Real Factor;
4393  const CUser User;
4402 };
4408 struct CMlFrame : public CMlControl {
4417  };
4425  CMlControl GetFirstChild(Text ControlId);
4438 };
4443 struct CXmlDocument : public CNod {
4455  const CXmlNode[] Nodes;
4459  CXmlNode GetFirstChild(Text Name);
4460 };
4465 struct CHttpRequest : public CNod {
4469  const Text Url;
4473  const Text Result;
4482 };
4487 struct CAudioSound : public CNod {
4491  Void Play();
4495  Void Stop();
4528 };
4533 struct CMapInfo : public CNod {
4561  const Text MapType;
4573  const Text Name;
4577  const Text Path;
4578 };
4583 struct CCollector : public CNod {
4587  const Text Name;
4592 };
4603  };
4604 };
4610 };
4615 struct CBlockUnit : public CNod {
4619  const Int3 Offset;
4627  const CBlock Block;
4628 };
4634 struct CTeam : public CNod {
4675 };
4680 struct CUIConfigMgr : public CNod {
4684  Void ResetAll();
4692  const CUIConfig[] UI;
4696  CUIConfig GetUI(CPlayer Player);
4700  CUIConfig GetUI(CUser User);
4708  CUILayer UILayerCreate();
4712  Void UILayerDestroy(CUILayer Layer);
4716  Void UILayerDestroyAll();
4725 };
4731 struct CXmlRpc : public CNod {
4739  Void SendCallback(Text Param1,Text Param2);
4743  Void SendCallbackArray(Text Type,Text[] Data);
4747  Void SendCallback_BeginRound();
4751  Void SendCallback_EndRound();
4752 };
4758 struct CPlayer : public CNod {
4762  const CUser User;
4766  const Text Login;
4770  const Text Name;
4779 };
4784 struct CSmPlayerDriver : public CNod {
4793  };
4798  };
4807  };
4924 };
4930 struct CSmBlockPole : public CSmBlock {
4943 };
4948 struct CSmMapGate : public CNod {
4977 };
4982 struct CSmMapGauge : public CNod {
5007 };
5012 struct CSmMapSector : public CNod {
5017 };
5022 struct CSmMapPlayerSpawn : public CNod {
5023 };
5028 struct CSmMapBotPath : public CNod {
5032  const Integer Clan;
5036  const Vec3[] Path;
5041 };
5046 struct CSmMapObjectAnchor : public CNod {
5055 };
5061 struct CScore : public CNod {
5065  const CUser User;
5086 };
5092 struct CUIConfig : public CNod {
5105  };
5106  enum EUIStatus {
5107  None,
5112  };
5114  None,
5115  Normal,
5119  };
5121  None,
5127  };
5132  };
5133  enum EUISound {
5134  Default,
5139  EndRound,
5147  Warning,
5163  };
5165  Default,
5172  };
5174  Default,
5177  Manual,
5178  };
5558  Void SendChat(Text Text);
5562  Void SendNotice(Text Text,ENoticeLevel Level,CUser Avatar,EAvatarVariant AvatarVariant,EUISound Sound,Integer SoundVariant);
5566  Text GetLayerManialinkAction(CUILayer Layer);
5570  Void ClearLayerManialinkAction(CUILayer Layer);
5571 };
5577 struct CTrackManiaScore : public CTmScore {
5578 };
5583 struct CTmResult : public CNod {
5590  };
5610  Integer Compare(CTmResult Other,ETmRaceResultCriteria Criteria);
5611 };
5616 struct CXmlNode : public CNod {
5620  const Text Name;
5640  Text GetAttributeText(Text Name,Text DefaultValue);
5644  Integer GetAttributeInteger(Text Name,Integer DefaultValue);
5648  Real GetAttributeReal(Text Name,Real DefaultValue);
5652  Boolean GetAttributeBoolean(Text Name,Boolean DefaultValue);
5656  CXmlNode GetFirstChild(Text Name);
5657 };
5662 struct CBlockModelVariant : public CNod {
5678  const Int3 Size;
5691 };
5696 struct CBlockUnitModel : public CNod {
5702  };
5711  };
5715  const Int3 Offset;
5720 };
5725 struct CXmlRpcEvent : public CNod {
5726  enum EType {
5730  };
5734  const EType Type;
5738  const Text Param1;
5742  const Text Param2;
5751 };
5757 struct CSmBlock : public CSmLandmark {
5761  const CSmBase Base;
5762 };
5767 struct CSmSector : public CNod {
5772 };
5777 struct CSmGauge : public CNod {
5798 };
5803 struct CBlockModelClip : public CBlockModel {
5809  };
5818  };
5819 };
5825 struct CSmLandmark : public CNod {
5829  const Text Tag;
5842 };
5847 struct CSmBase : public CNod {
5860 };
5862 namespace MathLib {
5867  Integer Abs(Integer Argument1);
5871  Real Abs(Real Argument1);
5875  Real ToReal(Integer Argument1);
5879  Real Sin(Real Argument1);
5883  Real Cos(Real Argument1);
5887  Real Tan(Real Argument1);
5891  Real Atan2(Real Argument1, Real Argument2);
5895  Real Exp(Real Argument1);
5899  Real Rand(Real Argument1, Real Argument2);
5903  Integer Rand(Integer Argument1, Integer Argument2);
5907  Real NearestReal(Integer Argument1);
5911  Integer NearestInteger(Real Argument1);
5915  Integer FloorInteger(Real Argument1);
5919  Integer CeilingInteger(Real Argument1);
5923  Real Distance(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2);
5927  Real DotProduct(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2);
5931  Vec3 CrossProduct(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2);
5935  Real Angle(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2);
5939  Real OrientedAngle(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2);
5943  Real PI();
5947  Real Asin(Real Argument1);
5951  Real Acos(Real Argument1);
5955  Real Pow(Real Argument1, Real Argument2);
5959  Real Ln(Real Argument1);
5963  Real Sqrt(Real Argument1);
5969  Integer Max(Integer _A, Integer _B);
5975  Integer Min(Integer _A, Integer _B);
5981  Integer Clamp(Integer _X, Integer _Min, Integer _Max);
5987  Real Max(Real _A, Real _B);
5993  Real Min(Real _A, Real _B);
5999  Real Clamp(Real _X, Real _Min, Real _Max);
6000 };
6002 namespace TextLib {
6011  Real ToReal(Text _Text);
6019  Integer ToInteger(Text _Text);
6027  Vec3 ToColor(Text _Text);
6038  Text SubString(Text _Text, Integer _Start, Integer _Length);
6049  Text SubText(Text _Text, Integer _Start, Integer _Length);
6056  Integer Length(Text _Text);
6063  Text ToText(Integer _Integer);
6070  Text ToText(Real _Real);
6077  Text ToText(Boolean _Boolean);
6084  Text ToText(Int3 _Int3);
6091  Text ToText(Vec3 _Vec3);
6102  Text TimeToText(Integer _Time, Boolean _IncludeCentiSeconds);
6110  Text TimeToText(Integer _Time);
6117  Text ColorToText(Vec3 _Color);
6121  Text FormatInteger(Integer Argument1, Integer Argument2);
6131  Text FormatReal(Real _Value, Integer _FPartLength, Boolean _HideZeroes, Boolean _HideDot);
6137  Text ToUpperCase(Text _TextToChange);
6143  Text ToLowerCase(Text _TextToChange);
6152  Boolean CompareWithoutFormat(Text _Text1, Text _Text2, Boolean _IsCaseSensitive);
6164  Boolean Find(Text _TextToFind, Text _TextToSearchIn, Boolean _IsFormatSensitive, Boolean _IsCaseSensitive);
6168  Text Compose(Text Argument1);
6172  Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2);
6176  Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3);
6180  Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3, Text Argument4);
6184  Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3, Text Argument4, Text Argument5);
6188  Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3, Text Argument4, Text Argument5, Text Argument6);
6192  Text MLEncode(Text Argument1);
6196  Text URLEncode(Text Argument1);
6200  Text StripFormatting(Text Argument1);
6204  Text[Void] Split(Text Argument1, Text Argument2);
6208  Text Join(Text Argument1, Text[Void] Argument2);
6212  Text SmartSplit(Text Argument1, Integer Argument2, Integer Argument3, Integer Argument4);
6216  Text Trim(Text Argument1);
6220  Text ReplaceChars(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3);
6229  Text Replace(Text _Text, Text _ToReplace, Text _Replacement);
6236  Text GetTranslatedText(Text _Text);
6237 };
6239 namespace MapUnits {
6244  CardinalDirections GetNextDir(CardinalDirections Argument1);
6248  CardinalDirections GetPreviousDir(CardinalDirections Argument1);
6252  CardinalDirections GetOpposedDir(CardinalDirections Argument1);
6256  CardinalDirections AddDirs(CardinalDirections Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2);
6260  CardinalDirections SubDirs(CardinalDirections Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2);
6264  Int3 GetNeighbourCoord(Int3 Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2);
6268  Int3 GetRotatedOffset(Int3 Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2);
6272  Int3 GetRotatedOffsetPositive(Int3 Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2, Int3 Argument3);
6273 };
6275 namespace AnimLib {
6282  Real SmoothStep(Real _X);
6288  Real Ease(Text _Function, Real _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Real _Duration);
6294  Real EaseLinear(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6300  Real EaseInQuad(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6306  Real EaseOutQuad(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6312  Real EaseInOutQuad(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6318  Real EaseInCubic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6324  Real EaseOutCubic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6330  Real EaseInOutCubic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6336  Real EaseInQuart(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6342  Real EaseOutQuart(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6348  Real EaseInOutQuart(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6354  Real EaseInQuint(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6360  Real EaseOutQuint(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6366  Real EaseInOutQuint(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6372  Real EaseInSine(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6378  Real EaseOutSine(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6384  Real EaseInOutSine(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6390  Real EaseInExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6396  Real EaseOutExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6402  Real EaseInOutExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6408  Real EaseInCirc(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6414  Real EaseOutCirc(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6420  Real EaseInOutCirc(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6426  Real EaseInBack(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6432  Real EaseOutBack(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6438  Real EaseInOutBack(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6444  Real EaseInElastic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6450  Real EaseOutElastic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6456  Real EaseInOutElastic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6462  Real EaseInElastic2(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6468  Real EaseOutElastic2(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6474  Real EaseInOutElastic2(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6480  Real EaseInBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6486  Real EaseOutBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6492  Real EaseInOutBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration);
6493 };
Boolean Captured
Definition: big.h:4934
Integer EndTime
Definition: big.h:1216
Boolean OverlayHideSpectatorInfos
Definition: big.h:5338
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
Definition: big.h:1623
Real Ratio
Definition: big.h:342
Ident GetAnimModelId(Text ModelName)
Boolean CanPlaceBlock_NoDestruction(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir, Boolean OnGround, Integer VariantIndex)
const CSmPlayer Player
Definition: big.h:3805
Definition: big.h:5
ESmDriverPatrolMode Patrol_Mode
Definition: big.h:4879
Vec3 RelativePosition
Definition: big.h:4519
const Boolean IsBeginner
Definition: big.h:2144
Definition: big.h:4289
Boolean UseProtectClanmates
Definition: big.h:1292
Vec3 ToColor(Text _Text)
Returns the RGB color corresponding to _Text.
Boolean LoadingScreenRequireKeyPressed
Definition: big.h:668
const Text ZonePath
Definition: big.h:2100
Void SetPlayerAmmo(CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon, Integer Count)
Void ScriptedBot_RequestAction(CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
Definition: big.h:5589
Definition: big.h:1201
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:5781
Boolean UseMinimap
Definition: big.h:3189
const EInput Input
Definition: big.h:2755
Definition: big.h:568
Definition: big.h:3844
const Text Param2
Definition: big.h:5742
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_PlayerSpawn
Definition: big.h:1368
const CXmlNode[] Children
Definition: big.h:5636
Void SetClan(Integer NewClan)
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraRight
Definition: big.h:1126
Void GetClassChildren(Text Class, CMlFrame Frame, Boolean Recursive)
Real OrientedAngle(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2)
Definition: big.h:713
const EType Type
Definition: big.h:585
Text Compose(Text Argument1, Text Argument2, Text Argument3, Text Argument4, Text Argument5, Text Argument6)
Definition: big.h:4292
Definition: big.h:2376
EPersonalGhost PersonalGhost
Definition: big.h:1986
const Vec3[] MapFinishLinePos
Definition: big.h:1784
const CSmPlayer[] Players
Definition: big.h:1599
Real AmmoGain
Definition: big.h:3233
const Text CustomEventType
Definition: big.h:2308
Definition: big.h:1177
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorRight
Definition: big.h:1086
Definition: big.h:2727
PlaceMode PlaceMode
Definition: big.h:802
Definition: big.h:1741
ESmDriverBehaviour Behaviour
Definition: big.h:4811
const Text Description
Definition: big.h:2116
Definition: big.h:4788
Void ScriptedBot_AimDelta(CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Real DeltaYaw, Real DeltaPitch)
const Boolean IsTerrain
Definition: big.h:2796
CMacroblockModel CursorMacroblockModel
Definition: big.h:834
Text Substyle
Definition: big.h:204
Real Escape_DistanceMaxEscape
Definition: big.h:4895
Integer Clan1Score
Definition: big.h:1854
const CBlockModel[] BlockModels
Definition: big.h:1046
Definition: big.h:1188
const EWayPointType WaypointType
Definition: big.h:2800
Definition: big.h:431
Real RelativeScale
Definition: big.h:2496
const Integer FameStars
Definition: big.h:2136
Definition: big.h:5128
const CBlockModelVariantAir VariantAir
Definition: big.h:2812
const Integer LadderRank
Definition: big.h:706
Void ComputeShadows()
Integer AutoOpenSpeed
Definition: big.h:4976
Definition: big.h:3470
Real SpectatorCamAutoLatitude
Definition: big.h:5542
Void ScriptedBot_MoveAndAim(CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
Definition: big.h:2271
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:5837
Text Style
Definition: big.h:283
Definition: big.h:4150
Integer Speed
Definition: big.h:5797
const Boolean IsFlying
Definition: big.h:5040
Boolean OverlayHidePosition
Definition: big.h:5318
Definition: big.h:4255
Integer GetBlockGroundHeight(CBlockModel BlockModel, Integer CoordX, Integer CoordZ, CardinalDirections Dir)
const CMlEvent[] PendingEvents
Definition: big.h:63
Boolean CanPlaceRoadBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Definition: big.h:2387
Definition: big.h:262
Vec3 RelativePosition
Definition: big.h:2492
const Real MissDist
Definition: big.h:3532
Real JumpPower
Definition: big.h:3301
Void StartEdition()
Definition: big.h:3864
Void SendCustomEvent(Text Type, Text[] Data)
const CardinalDirections Direction
Definition: big.h:2895
const CTmPlayer[] AllPlayers
Definition: big.h:1830
Boolean OverlayHideConsumables
Definition: big.h:5294
Integer LadderClan
Definition: big.h:5085
Integer AutoCloseDelay
Definition: big.h:4972
Definition: big.h:5097
Integer MaxLine
Definition: big.h:224
const Boolean MouseLeftButton
Definition: big.h:75
Definition: big.h:2738
Integer SpectatorForceCameraType
Definition: big.h:5526
Boolean Visible
Definition: big.h:2488
Text UISequence_CustomMTClip
Definition: big.h:5190
Definition: big.h:4264
Text ValidabilityRequirementsMessage
Definition: big.h:4026
const Ident ModelId
Definition: big.h:3781
Boolean OverlayHideEndMapLadderRecap
Definition: big.h:5326
Definition: big.h:4487
Boolean EnableLegacyXmlRpcCallbacks
Definition: big.h:1970
const Vec3 Velocity
Definition: big.h:3409
Real EaseOutBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Boolean MedalGhost_ShowGold
Definition: big.h:1974
const Text Url
Definition: big.h:4469
Boolean IsActive
Definition: big.h:3666
const Boolean VictimUsedAction
Definition: big.h:3556
Definition: big.h:5103
Real ValueReal
Definition: big.h:4990
Definition: big.h:5767
const Boolean IsOnTechArrow
Definition: big.h:3385
Definition: big.h:2213
Definition: big.h:4731
const Boolean IsReverse
Definition: big.h:4381
Boolean Throwable
Definition: big.h:3821
Definition: big.h:5138
CTmResult TempResult
Definition: big.h:4178
Definition: big.h:4443
const Text CommandValueText
Definition: big.h:3648
Boolean UiRounds
Definition: big.h:1934
Definition: big.h:2261
Boolean MatchEndRequested
Definition: big.h:3009
Text ScoreTable
Definition: big.h:5394
Definition: big.h:1
Integer NextMapIndex
Definition: big.h:3033
Integer ShootPeriodMax
Definition: big.h:4839
const Text CharPressed
Definition: big.h:2292
const Text TextContents
Definition: big.h:5624
const CSmMapObjectAnchor ObjectAnchor
Definition: big.h:3717
Definition: big.h:5131
const Integer[] Tags_Favored_Indices
Definition: big.h:2180
Definition: big.h:3455
Definition: big.h:5106
Integer TMObjective_NbLaps
Definition: big.h:2637
Boolean UseAutoSpawnBots
Definition: big.h:1276
const Boolean UseClans
Definition: big.h:3886
const Int3 Size
Definition: big.h:5678
Definition: big.h:3965
const Text[] CustomEventData
Definition: big.h:2312
ETmRaceChronoBehaviour UiRaceChrono
Definition: big.h:1958
const CBlockModel GeneratedBlockModel
Definition: big.h:2839
Definition: big.h:4784
Void Scores_Clear()
Real EaseInBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const Integer ActionChange
Definition: big.h:3652
CTmResult CurLap
Definition: big.h:4213
Definition: big.h:3770
const CSmMapLandmark Landmark
Definition: big.h:3600
CTmResult BestLap
Definition: big.h:4166
Boolean ManualClosed
Definition: big.h:4960
const CUIConfigMgr UIManager
Definition: big.h:3037
Integer GetPlayerAmmo(CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon)
Definition: big.h:434
const CSmMapBase Base
Definition: big.h:3693
Boolean TMObjective_IsLapRace
Definition: big.h:2641
Ident OffZoneCenterLandmarkId
Definition: big.h:1304
Boolean OverlayHideChat
Definition: big.h:5270
const Integer CopperPrice
Definition: big.h:4541
const Integer Now
Definition: big.h:1650
Definition: big.h:575
const Real MouseY
Definition: big.h:71
Void UnspawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player)
Definition: big.h:2063
const Integer Points
Definition: big.h:4369
Boolean OverlayHideSpectatorControllers
Definition: big.h:5334
Integer LapTime
Definition: big.h:4333
Definition: big.h:4058
Definition: big.h:4055
Real Opacity
Definition: big.h:236
Text StripFormatting(Text Argument1)
Definition: big.h:5028
Definition: big.h:754
Vec2 CoordsMax
Definition: big.h:381
Definition: big.h:5577
Definition: big.h:2065
const CTmMlPlayer GUIPlayer
Definition: big.h:1760
Vec3 WorldPosition
Definition: big.h:404
Void CreateShoot(CSmPlayer Shooter, Ident ProjectileModelId)
const CSmPlayer[] AllPlayers
Definition: big.h:1352
const Text ExternalEventType
Definition: big.h:601
const Integer KeyCode
Definition: big.h:613
Definition: big.h:5812
Text ObjectiveTextAuthor
Definition: big.h:2645
Text EmblemUrl
Definition: big.h:4650
Vec3 Saunter_AnchorPoint
Definition: big.h:4899
Definition: big.h:3862
Boolean UseAmmoBonusOnHit
Definition: big.h:1260
Integer PrevRaceDeltaPoints
Definition: big.h:4170
Definition: big.h:2671
Definition: big.h:3482
Definition: big.h:1187
Definition: big.h:7
const Boolean UISequenceIsCompleted
Definition: big.h:5186
Void PlayAnimAtPosition(Ident AnimModelId, Vec3 Position, Vec3 Direction)
Boolean OverlayHideRoundScores
Definition: big.h:5278
const Boolean IsOnTechLaser
Definition: big.h:3381
const Text Param1
Definition: big.h:5738
Definition: big.h:5816
Real ControlCoef
Definition: big.h:4245
Definition: big.h:1818
Void ClearAllDelayedSoundsEvents()
const Text[] Tags_Comments
Definition: big.h:2192
const Integer Angle
Definition: big.h:4365
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gauge
Definition: big.h:1627
const Text TextRecursiveContents
Definition: big.h:5632
const CSmPlayer[] Players
Definition: big.h:1340
Definition: big.h:5698
Integer StartTime
Definition: big.h:1212
const Text DecorationName
Definition: big.h:2597
const CMapInfo MapInfo
Definition: big.h:2577
Definition: big.h:3459
Boolean UISequence_CanSkipIntroMT
Definition: big.h:5198
Real Accuracy
Definition: big.h:4827
EUISequence UISequence
Definition: big.h:5182
const Text ParamArray1
Definition: big.h:5746
const Boolean HasCheckpoint
Definition: big.h:2835
Definition: big.h:736
Void Replay_SaveWinner(CSmPlayer Player)
Boolean HasClass(Text Class)
const Integer NumberOfCollectors
Definition: big.h:5859
CSmPlayer[] Players
Definition: big.h:1658
const Boolean CanHaveAnchor
Definition: big.h:2879
Text MarkersXML
Definition: big.h:5250
Text ManialinkPage
Definition: big.h:5210
Definition: big.h:4465
Definition: big.h:3469
const Real AbsoluteScale
Definition: big.h:2508
Definition: big.h:3477
Void Menu_Internet()
const Vec3 AbsolutePosition
Definition: big.h:2504
Definition: big.h:1806
Integer Value
Definition: big.h:4994
const CTmPlayer[] PlayersWaiting
Definition: big.h:1846
Text ImageUrlFocus
Definition: big.h:279
Integer UISequenceMaxDuration
Definition: big.h:4724
const Integer VictimWeaponNum
Definition: big.h:3560
const CBlockModelClip[] Clips
Definition: big.h:5719
Definition: big.h:4800
Definition: big.h:494
const Integer CurrentClan
Definition: big.h:3341
Real EaseOutBack(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const Int3 OffsetBoundingBoxMax
Definition: big.h:5686
Boolean BlockStockMode
Definition: big.h:814
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:3349
const CUser User
Definition: big.h:4762
const Boolean IsInAir
Definition: big.h:3373
const Text Comments
Definition: big.h:4537
CBlock GetStartLineBlock()
const Text BroadcastTVLogin
Definition: big.h:2128
const Boolean GiveUp
Definition: big.h:3628
Definition: big.h:2546
Definition: big.h:1195
const CMlControl Control
Definition: big.h:2300
Real Damages
Definition: big.h:4357
CTmResult CurLap
Definition: big.h:4091
EKeepRatioMode KeepRatio
Definition: big.h:319
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_SwitchToRace
Definition: big.h:1078
Boolean UseLaserVsBullets
Definition: big.h:1244
Definition: big.h:255
Void AddPlayerAmmo(CSmPlayer Player, EWeapon Weapon, Real DeltaCount)
const Integer SlotsAvailable
Definition: big.h:2368
Definition: big.h:5110
Definition: big.h:4053
const Integer CheckpointInLap
Definition: big.h:4321
Definition: big.h:3211
Void CopyPaste_Copy()
const Integer KeyCode
Definition: big.h:2284
Integer ForceMaxOpponents
Definition: big.h:1966
Definition: big.h:5150
Boolean ScoreTableOnlyManialink
Definition: big.h:5410
Definition: big.h:2384
Text Join(Text Argument1, Text[Void] Argument2)
const CSmObject Object
Definition: big.h:3592
Boolean OverlayHide321Go
Definition: big.h:5298
Definition: big.h:5847
Integer CountdownEndTime
Definition: big.h:5474
Definition: big.h:3832
Definition: big.h:2735
Definition: big.h:4
Text BigMessageAvatarLogin
Definition: big.h:5218
Real EaseInOutBounce(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Boolean OverlayHideSpeedAndDist
Definition: big.h:5310
const CMacroblockModel[] MacroblockModels
Definition: big.h:1054
const Boolean IsBot
Definition: big.h:3437
Integer TextSize
Definition: big.h:244
Integer BigMessageSoundVariant
Definition: big.h:5230
const Integer MapNbLaps
Definition: big.h:2006
Real EaseInExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Void UnspawnPlayer(CTmPlayer Player)
Definition: big.h:2678
Definition: big.h:2779
Boolean NoticesFilter_HideMapInfo
Definition: big.h:5374
Real EaseInOutCubic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Void ScriptedBot_Move(CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
CUIConfig UI
Definition: big.h:3874
Definition: big.h:4533
Definition: big.h:5699
const CXmlNode[] Nodes
Definition: big.h:4455
Void SendRulesEvent(Text Param1, Text[] Param2, CSmPlayer Shooter, CSmPlayer Victim)
const Integer[] ClanScores
Definition: big.h:1772
Real EaseInCubic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Integer Clan2Score
Definition: big.h:1858
Integer TMObjective_SilverTime
Definition: big.h:2629
const Boolean PageIsVisible
Definition: big.h:31
Definition: big.h:185
const Text CurrentServerLogin
Definition: big.h:3934
Definition: big.h:3486
const Int3 OffsetBoundingBoxMin
Definition: big.h:5682
Void RemoveAllObjects()
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconLeft
Definition: big.h:1150
Boolean RocketAnticipation
Definition: big.h:4843
Text ModeStatusMessage
Definition: big.h:2945
const CTeam[] Teams
Definition: big.h:3918
Definition: big.h:4680
Definition: big.h:2938
const CSmPlayerDriver Driver
Definition: big.h:3441
const Text[] Param2
Definition: big.h:3588
Integer MediatrackIngameEditedClipIndex
Definition: big.h:1038
Definition: big.h:3450
Boolean NoticesFilter_HidePlayerInfoIfNotMe
Definition: big.h:5366
const Integer NumberOfCollectors
Definition: big.h:3670
Real Cos(Real Argument1)
Definition: big.h:730
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorLeft
Definition: big.h:1094
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_Menu
Definition: big.h:1074
Vec3 ModulateColor
Definition: big.h:303
Real EaseOutElastic2(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const CUILayer[] UILayers
Definition: big.h:5254
Definition: big.h:3449
Definition: big.h:5813
const Text Name
Definition: big.h:4573
Text MLEncode(Text Argument1)
Definition: big.h:4615
Definition: big.h:4276
Definition: big.h:3210
CAudioSound CreateSound(Text Url)
Void OpenToolsMenu()
Definition: big.h:1812
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:3990
Vec3 BgColorFocus
Definition: big.h:311
Integer ScoreSummary_MatchPoints2
Definition: big.h:5458
Text Value
Definition: big.h:166
Definition: big.h:2078
CardinalDirections GetNextDir(CardinalDirections Argument1)
Definition: big.h:579
Definition: big.h:3461
const Boolean PlayerWasSpawned
Definition: big.h:3612
const Text Language
Definition: big.h:2112
Void SetPlayerReloadAllWeapons(CSmPlayer Player, Boolean ReloadAllWeapons)
Definition: big.h:752
Definition: big.h:5135
const EActionSlot ShooterActionSlot
Definition: big.h:3548
const Text InfoUrl
Definition: big.h:2243
EUIStatus UIStatus
Definition: big.h:5478
Definition: big.h:5160
const CTmMlPlayer[] Players
Definition: big.h:1764
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorDelete
Definition: big.h:1118
Definition: big.h:2673
Integer NearestInteger(Real Argument1)
Definition: big.h:2071
const CSmMode Mode
Definition: big.h:1745
Void Hide()
Vec2[] Points
Definition: big.h:2550
Real EnergyLevel
Definition: big.h:3321
Boolean UiDisableHelpMessage
Definition: big.h:1950
Definition: big.h:4009
Ident SpectatorAutoTarget
Definition: big.h:5530
const Text ClubLink
Definition: big.h:2124
const CTmMode Mode
Definition: big.h:2017
Definition: big.h:2208
Definition: big.h:747
Real Pitch
Definition: big.h:4515
const CBlockModel[] TerrainBlockModels
Definition: big.h:1050
const Type Type
Definition: big.h:2751
Definition: big.h:1192
Real Atan2(Real Argument1, Real Argument2)
CBlockModel CursorTerrainBlockModel
Definition: big.h:830
Text UISequence_PodiumPlayersLose
Definition: big.h:5206
Void PlaySoundEvent(CAudioSound Sound, Real VolumedB)
Definition: big.h:20
Definition: big.h:4796
Definition: big.h:3851
Text Replace(Text _Text, Text _ToReplace, Text _Replacement)
Replaces occurences of _ToReplace in _Text with _Replacement.
Definition: big.h:1200
Ident ForceModelId
Definition: big.h:3329
Definition: big.h:4281
Definition: big.h:2076
const CSmObject[] Objects
Definition: big.h:1540
Definition: big.h:5706
Boolean UseAllies
Definition: big.h:1272
Text FormatInteger(Integer Argument1, Integer Argument2)
Definition: big.h:15
Boolean AutoNewLine
Definition: big.h:232
Definition: big.h:4294
Definition: big.h:4287
Definition: big.h:4256
Integer MaxLine
Definition: big.h:174
Real Min(Real _A, Real _B)
Returns the minimum between A and B.
Definition: big.h:2265
CBlock GetBlock(Int3 Coord)
Definition: big.h:3767
const EMenuNavAction MenuNavAction
Definition: big.h:2304
const Text Tag
Definition: big.h:3681
const CManiaAppEvent[] PendingEvents
Definition: big.h:628
Void EnterStation()
Definition: big.h:4806
Void ChangeImageUrl(Text fieldName)
const Vec3 Normal
Definition: big.h:3998
Definition: big.h:493
Definition: big.h:3846
Integer[] ClanScores
Definition: big.h:1392
const Real Speed
Definition: big.h:4139
Void BrowserBack()
const EMenuNavAction MenuNavAction
Definition: big.h:609
const Text ControlId
Definition: big.h:2464
Definition: big.h:1799
Definition: big.h:4597
const CMlFrame MainFrame
Definition: big.h:2038
Boolean UndergroundMode
Definition: big.h:810
Void AddPlayerArmor(CSmPlayer Victim, Integer DeltaArmor, CSmPlayer Shooter, Integer ShooterPoints)
EAvatarVariant BigMessageAvatarVariant
Definition: big.h:5222
Boolean ForceEnableMusic
Definition: big.h:2436
EVisibility TeamLabelsShowNames
Definition: big.h:5506
const Boolean UseForcedClans
Definition: big.h:3890
Boolean IsHighlighted
Definition: big.h:3317
const CSmBlockPole BlockPole
Definition: big.h:3596
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CameraDown
Definition: big.h:1130
Definition: big.h:2737
EVisibility AlliesLabelsShowNames
Definition: big.h:5490
const Integer ClansNbTotal
Definition: big.h:1866
CBlockModel CursorBlockModel
Definition: big.h:826
Definition: big.h:4797
Real DotProduct(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2)
Definition: big.h:1807
Definition: big.h:4410
const CHttpManager Http
Definition: big.h:555
const Text TitleId
Definition: big.h:2227
Void ClearScores()
Definition: big.h:4609
EVisibility AlliesLabelsShowGauges
Definition: big.h:5486
const Integer[] ClanScores
Definition: big.h:1607
const Boolean HasStart
Definition: big.h:2827
Definition: big.h:430
Boolean AppendEllipsis
Definition: big.h:228
Definition: big.h:4279
const Boolean IsTouchingGround
Definition: big.h:3369
Vec2 Size
Definition: big.h:2476
Definition: big.h:3833
const Integer DefaultOrder
Definition: big.h:2918
Definition: big.h:400
Text Name
Definition: big.h:4638
Real EaseInQuart(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const Text Name
Definition: big.h:4587
const Real MouseX
Definition: big.h:67
const Text[] AlliesConnected
Definition: big.h:2200
const Text CollectionName
Definition: big.h:4545
Real Abs(Real Argument1)
const Integer PlayersNbDead
Definition: big.h:1316
Integer NbLaps
Definition: big.h:1914
Definition: big.h:2739
const Integer CurrentClan
Definition: big.h:4063
Boolean UseForcedClans
Definition: big.h:1228
Definition: big.h:5046
Real Width
Definition: big.h:2566
Definition: big.h:5727
Definition: big.h:4795
Real EaseOutSine(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const CSmSector Sector
Definition: big.h:4938
const Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:5032
Real EaseInOutQuad(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:4952
Text TextFont
Definition: big.h:208
Definition: big.h:5133
Definition: big.h:2378
Definition: big.h:2940
EVisibility OpposingTeamLabelsShowGauges
Definition: big.h:5514
Integer Cooldown
Definition: big.h:1726
Definition: big.h:2679
const Text ItemName
Definition: big.h:5050
Definition: big.h:4057
CHttpRequest CreateGet(Text Url)
Int3 CursorCoord
Definition: big.h:818
Real GradingRatio
Definition: big.h:346
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorPick
Definition: big.h:1110
const CAudioManager Audio
Definition: big.h:147
ETMRespawnBehaviour RespawnBehaviour
Definition: big.h:1930
Definition: big.h:5176
Definition: big.h:4252
Definition: big.h:3838
Definition: big.h:3852
ELabelsVisibility TeamLabelsVisibility
Definition: big.h:5498
Vec3 ColorSecondary
Definition: big.h:4666
Definition: big.h:3831
Definition: big.h:2273
Definition: big.h:4265
Boolean OverlayHideNotices
Definition: big.h:5258
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_ObjectAnchor
Definition: big.h:1380
Definition: big.h:5806
Void ScriptedBot_RequestGunTrigger(CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
CXmlDocument Create(Text Contents)
Definition: big.h:1191
Definition: big.h:2736
const CTmPlayer[] PlayersRacing
Definition: big.h:1842
Definition: big.h:2725
const Integer AudienceRegisteredUsers
Definition: big.h:686
Definition: big.h:5100
const Text TextContents
Definition: big.h:4447
Definition: big.h:4805
const Text DownloadUrl
Definition: big.h:2247
Text ZonePath
Definition: big.h:4642
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:4986
Definition: big.h:2780
Real EaseOutQuad(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Definition: big.h:3962
Definition: big.h:2775
const Boolean KeyDelete
Definition: big.h:111
Definition: big.h:2870
Definition: big.h:2732
const CTitle LoadedTitle
Definition: big.h:59
const Boolean RequestsSpectate
Definition: big.h:2172
Definition: big.h:5094
Void Replay_SaveInterface()
Integer Saunter_ChillingTimeDelta
Definition: big.h:4907
Real Ln(Real Argument1)
const Text MapType
Definition: big.h:2613
Boolean OverlayChatHideAvatar
Definition: big.h:5342
Boolean NoticesFilter_HideMatchInfo
Definition: big.h:5382
Integer AlliesLabelsMaxCount
Definition: big.h:5494
Definition: big.h:3481
const Boolean PlayerWasInLadderMatch
Definition: big.h:3616
Void RemoveAllOffZone()
Real LimitMusicVolumedB
Definition: big.h:2440
Definition: big.h:5803
Real Volume
Definition: big.h:4507
CBlockModel GetTerrainBlockModelFromName(Text TerrainBlockModelName)
Real Opacity
Definition: big.h:315
CSmPlayer ForcedTarget
Definition: big.h:4919
Real PlayCursor
Definition: big.h:4523
Definition: big.h:3854
Real SpectatorCamAutoRadius
Definition: big.h:5550
Boolean AutoNewLine
Definition: big.h:178
const Boolean Unlocked
Definition: big.h:4569
Definition: big.h:4290
Definition: big.h:2745
Definition: big.h:5157
const CAudioManager Audio
Definition: big.h:559
CTmResult CurRace
Definition: big.h:4087
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_BotPath
Definition: big.h:1631
const Text CurrentTimeText
Definition: big.h:47
Boolean EnableEditorInputsCustomProcessing
Definition: big.h:1070
Void RemoveAll()
Definition: big.h:1822
Definition: big.h:2865
Definition: big.h:4412
Definition: big.h:3451
Definition: big.h:4251
Definition: big.h:757
const Text Name
Definition: big.h:5620
Real VolumedB
Definition: big.h:4511
Integer[] ClanScores
Definition: big.h:1862
Text URLEncode(Text Argument1)
Vec3 ForceColor
Definition: big.h:3325
Definition: big.h:4804
Definition: big.h:3209
Definition: big.h:4263
Int3[] CustomSelectionCoords
Definition: big.h:1062
const EBuddyResult BuddyDoResult
Definition: big.h:452
Real StaminaMax
Definition: big.h:3285
Boolean ScreenIn3dHideVersus
Definition: big.h:5470
const Integer CurTriggerIndex
Definition: big.h:4099
const CSmPlayer[] BotPlayers
Definition: big.h:1344
Boolean PlaceTerrainBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_BotPath
Definition: big.h:1376
Boolean UsePvPWeapons
Definition: big.h:1236
const Boolean Solo_NewRecordSequenceInProgress
Definition: big.h:3101
Definition: big.h:2765
Void SetLocalUserClubLink(Text ClubLink)
Ident ScoreSummary_Player2
Definition: big.h:5446
Vec3 CrossProduct(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2)
Boolean ScreenIn3dHideScoreSummary
Definition: big.h:5466
Definition: big.h:3839
Boolean ForceNavMapsComputation
Definition: big.h:1280
Definition: big.h:2259
const Text Path
Definition: big.h:4577
Vec2 MapPosition
Definition: big.h:408
Definition: big.h:5093
Definition: big.h:266
Definition: big.h:2851
Real MapYaw
Definition: big.h:412
Definition: big.h:5096
const Text KeyName
Definition: big.h:2288
const CSmPlayer Target
Definition: big.h:4855
Definition: big.h:3960
Definition: big.h:5757
Boolean UseSameWallJump
Definition: big.h:1264
Void ObjectDestroyAll()
Definition: big.h:2936
Definition: big.h:4267
Definition: big.h:5810
Definition: big.h:3488
Definition: big.h:5117
Void Focus()
Real Tan(Real Argument1)
Boolean UseDefaultActionEvents
Definition: big.h:1268
Definition: big.h:2375
const Integer LadderRank
Definition: big.h:2148
Definition: big.h:2866
Definition: big.h:737
const Real PlayLength
Definition: big.h:4527
const Boolean CommandValueBoolean
Definition: big.h:3636
Definition: big.h:2711
Real ThrowSpeed
Definition: big.h:3337
Void CopyPaste_SelectAll()
Void PreloadImage(Text ImageUrl)
Definition: big.h:2741
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:3689
Boolean UsePvPCollisions
Definition: big.h:1232
const CTmPlayer Player
Definition: big.h:4309
Definition: big.h:3855
Text ToText(Vec3 _Vec3)
Returns the Text corresponding to _Vec3.
Definition: big.h:1205
Definition: big.h:5151
Integer GetInterfaceNumber(CCollector Collector)
const Ident[] PlayersIds
Definition: big.h:5771
Definition: big.h:2072
const Integer Now
Definition: big.h:3001
const Text CurrentServerName
Definition: big.h:3938
Definition: big.h:3860
Definition: big.h:4283
Definition: big.h:5108
Boolean PlaceMacroblock_NoDestruction(CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Definition: big.h:1178
Void SpawnPlayer(CTmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum, Integer RaceStartTime)
Real AggroRadius
Definition: big.h:4815
Boolean UseClans
Definition: big.h:1922
Text ObjectiveTextGold
Definition: big.h:2649
const CSmScore[] Scores
Definition: big.h:1388
const Text Param1
Definition: big.h:3584
Definition: big.h:3834
Definition: big.h:5145
const Integer ClansNbTotal
Definition: big.h:1320
Definition: big.h:4802
Definition: big.h:2852
Definition: big.h:2449
Definition: big.h:1814
const Real CollectionSquareSize
Definition: big.h:1154
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_IconRight
Definition: big.h:1142
const Text Tag
Definition: big.h:5829
Real ArmorPower
Definition: big.h:3277
const Boolean IsRegisteredForLadderMatch
Definition: big.h:5069
EVisibility TeamLabelsShowGauges
Definition: big.h:5502
const Text AuthorZonePath
Definition: big.h:2609
const Real Factor
Definition: big.h:4389
Boolean CanPlaceMacroblock_NoDestruction(CMacroblockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Definition: big.h:2264
Definition: big.h:438
Real Agressivity
Definition: big.h:4871
const Text ColorizedName
Definition: big.h:4674
Void SpawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum, Integer Armor, CSmMapPlayerSpawn PlayerSpawn, Integer ActivationDate)
Boolean UseClans
Definition: big.h:1224
Definition: big.h:5701
const Boolean NoRespawn
Definition: big.h:2804
Definition: big.h:4300
Definition: big.h:5154
const EEchelon Echelon
Definition: big.h:2140
Definition: big.h:3
Definition: big.h:2850
Void BrowserQuit()
Boolean DontScaleMainMenuForHMD
Definition: big.h:672
const CXmlManager Xml
Definition: big.h:3109
const Integer ArenaNow
Definition: big.h:1587
Definition: big.h:5149
const Boolean IsStraight
Definition: big.h:4377
Boolean Replay_AutoStart
Definition: big.h:3193
const Integer LapStartTime
Definition: big.h:4083
Void RemovePlayerArmor(CSmPlayer Victim, Integer DeltaArmor, CSmPlayer Shooter, Integer ShooterPoints)
Real Exp(Real Argument1)
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:2859
Boolean PlaceRoadBlocks(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
CBlockModel GetBlockModelFromName(Text BlockModelName)
Definition: big.h:196
Definition: big.h:4801
const Integer CurAmmoUnit
Definition: big.h:3257
Real Fov
Definition: big.h:4847
const Vec3 AimDirection
Definition: big.h:3361
Void Discard(CSmModeEvent Event)
Real EaseInBack(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Definition: big.h:5022
const Integer Now
Definition: big.h:499
Void Destroy(CXmlDocument Document)
Definition: big.h:21
const Text LadderZoneFlagUrl
Definition: big.h:2164
const Integer NbEliminationsTaken
Definition: big.h:3744
const Integer CurAmmo
Definition: big.h:3249
Boolean OverlayHideCrosshair
Definition: big.h:5286
Int3 GetRotatedOffsetPositive(Int3 Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2, Int3 Argument3)
const Text MapStyle
Definition: big.h:4565
Definition: big.h:3964
Void LayerCustomEvent(CUILayer Layer, Text Type, Text[] Data)
Definition: big.h:1825
Integer FloorInteger(Real Argument1)
Text SubText(Text _Text, Integer _Start, Integer _Length)
Returns a substring of _Text.
CMacroblockModel GetMacroblockModelFromName(Text MacroblockModelName)
const Text[] ExternalEventData
Definition: big.h:605
EditMode EditMode
Definition: big.h:806
const Integer CurTriggerIndex
Definition: big.h:4221
Definition: big.h:738
const Text DefaultTag
Definition: big.h:2914
const CUser[] Users
Definition: big.h:2977
Void RemoveAllTerrain()
Definition: big.h:3458
Definition: big.h:5129
const Boolean DownloadInProgress
Definition: big.h:295
Real GaugeRatio
Definition: big.h:5242
Definition: big.h:5143
Definition: big.h:4291
Definition: big.h:3483
Definition: big.h:5585
Definition: big.h:1206
Definition: big.h:2455
Definition: big.h:8
Definition: big.h:4270
Definition: big.h:3842
Boolean DataAttributeExists(Text DataName)
Integer ScoreSummary_MatchPoints1
Definition: big.h:5438
Integer Speed
Definition: big.h:5002
const CSmPlayer Victim
Definition: big.h:3524
Definition: big.h:3858
Definition: big.h:5166
Void CopyPaste_Cut()
Void RemoveAllBlocks()
Definition: big.h:5158
const Ident PlayerId
Definition: big.h:3604
Definition: big.h:4794
Integer TMObjective_GoldTime
Definition: big.h:2625
const Int3 Size
Definition: big.h:2665
Text SmartSplit(Text Argument1, Integer Argument2, Integer Argument3, Integer Argument4)
Definition: big.h:265
Text Value
Definition: big.h:216
Definition: big.h:3478
CTmResult CurRace
Definition: big.h:4209
const Text MapName
Definition: big.h:2965
Boolean IndependantLaps
Definition: big.h:1918
Boolean DrawBackground
Definition: big.h:358
const CMap Map
Definition: big.h:3894
const Text Login
Definition: big.h:4766
CUILayer UILayerCreate()
Definition: big.h:1180
Integer LadderRankSortValue
Definition: big.h:5077
Definition: big.h:2379
Definition: big.h:4260
const Boolean IsInBrowser
Definition: big.h:460
Definition: big.h:4262
Definition: big.h:3448
Definition: big.h:326
Definition: big.h:2719
const Real AimYaw
Definition: big.h:4229
Text MapName
Definition: big.h:2581
const CSmObject[] Objects
Definition: big.h:3429
Integer Saunter_BaseChillingTime
Definition: big.h:4903
Definition: big.h:2013
CTmResult PrevRace
Definition: big.h:4174
const CMlControl[] GetClassChildren_Result
Definition: big.h:2054
const CUser User
Definition: big.h:3608
const CXmlDocument[] Documents
Definition: big.h:2334
Definition: big.h:2215
Definition: big.h:3857
Definition: big.h:4273
Integer Max
Definition: big.h:5793
const Boolean IsFakeUser
Definition: big.h:2176
Definition: big.h:491
EVisibility OpposingTeamLabelsShowNames
Definition: big.h:5518
Definition: big.h:432
AlignVertical VerticalAlign
Definition: big.h:2484
Definition: big.h:2212
Definition: big.h:2447
Real EaseOutExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const Vec3[] MapFinishLinePos
Definition: big.h:1998
Definition: big.h:3479
Real Distance(Vec3 Argument1, Vec3 Argument2)
const Text KeyName
Definition: big.h:617
Boolean AltMenuNoCustomScores
Definition: big.h:5418
Definition: big.h:5101
Void SaveMap(Text FileName, Text Path)
Definition: big.h:2729
const CTmPlayer[] Players
Definition: big.h:1838
Void TriggerPageAction(Text ActionString)
Boolean OverlayHideOpponentsInfo
Definition: big.h:5266
Void SetPlayerClan(CSmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum)
CardinalDirections GetPreviousDir(CardinalDirections Argument1)
Real SpectatorCamAutoLongitude
Definition: big.h:5546
Boolean OverlayHideChrono
Definition: big.h:5306
Definition: big.h:3452
Definition: big.h:2062
const Text LadderZoneName
Definition: big.h:2160
Integer ScoreSummary_RoundPoints2
Definition: big.h:5454
Integer EnergyMax
Definition: big.h:1674
Definition: big.h:5588
const Boolean DownloadInProgress
Definition: big.h:4503
const Text Name
Definition: big.h:2235
const Text MapStyle
Definition: big.h:2617
Definition: big.h:5162
const Boolean IsSpawned
Definition: big.h:4071
Definition: big.h:5705
Definition: big.h:2676
Real ScoreSummary_Gauge1
Definition: big.h:5442
Definition: big.h:5811
Void ActionSetVariant(CSmPlayer Player, EActionSlot ActionSlot, Integer ActionVariant)
Void ScriptedBot_Aim(CSmPlayer BotPlayer, Vec3 Goal)
Real OffZoneRadiusSpeed
Definition: big.h:1300
EGameplay Gameplay
Definition: big.h:1288
Void SetNbFakePlayers(Integer NbClan1, Integer NbClan2)
Void RemoveAllBlocksAndTerrain()
const CMlPage LocalPage
Definition: big.h:2704
const CXmlNode Root
Definition: big.h:4451
const Boolean ServerShutdownRequested
Definition: big.h:3013
const CAnchorData[] AnchorData
Definition: big.h:1058
Boolean CanPlaceBlock(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir, Boolean OnGround, Integer VariantIndex)
const Boolean IsPartUnderground
Definition: big.h:5674
Definition: big.h:4411
const Integer Order
Definition: big.h:5833
CSmPlayer Owner
Definition: big.h:1662
const Integer StartTime
Definition: big.h:3225
Real EaseOutQuint(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Definition: big.h:4598
CardinalDirections GetOpposedDir(CardinalDirections Argument1)
Boolean EnableMixMapping
Definition: big.h:858
Real EaseLinear(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Integer EndTime
Definition: big.h:3229
Int3 GetNeighbourCoord(Int3 Argument1, CardinalDirections Argument2)
Void PassOn(CTmModeEvent Event)
Void DestroyAllBotPlayers()
const Real AbsoluteRotation
Definition: big.h:2512
Text Style
Definition: big.h:2562
Definition: big.h:3829
Definition: big.h:3849
Definition: big.h:5148
Definition: big.h:565
const Real AimYaw
Definition: big.h:4123
const Text SteamUserId
Definition: big.h:2132
Integer Damage
Definition: big.h:3508
Boolean IsSpawned
Definition: big.h:4205
ENoticeLevel NoticesFilter_LevelToShowAsBigMessage
Definition: big.h:5390
Definition: big.h:9
Definition: big.h:4266
Definition: big.h:4268
const Integer IdleDuration
Definition: big.h:3345
const CMlPage Page
Definition: big.h:27
Boolean CompareWithoutFormat(Text _Text1, Text _Text2, Boolean _IsCaseSensitive)
Compares texts without taking format characters in account.
Definition: big.h:576
Definition: big.h:1203
Integer ScoreSummary_Points1
Definition: big.h:5430
Definition: big.h:728
Definition: big.h:740
Void OpenLink(Text Url, ELinkType LinkType)
Integer Armor
Definition: big.h:3261
Integer Energy
Definition: big.h:1670
Definition: big.h:1194
Definition: big.h:2767
const Boolean MapIsLapRace
Definition: big.h:2002
const CUIConfig[] UI
Definition: big.h:4692
Vec3 CustomSelectionRGB
Definition: big.h:1066
Void ShowCurMapCard()
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:3809
Boolean RemoveTerrainBlocks(Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
const Boolean IsAllUnderground
Definition: big.h:5670
Boolean ForceSpectator
Definition: big.h:5522
Boolean AllowProgressiveJump
Definition: big.h:3309
Definition: big.h:2777
const EType Type
Definition: big.h:3500
Definition: big.h:1824
Definition: big.h:746
Void CopyPaste_ResetSelection()
Definition: big.h:2674
const EType Type
Definition: big.h:4305
const Real LadderPoints
Definition: big.h:2156
EUISound BigMessageSound
Definition: big.h:5226
Definition: big.h:1181
Definition: big.h:3865
Text Comments
Definition: big.h:2585
Definition: big.h:5111
Definition: big.h:2683
Definition: big.h:2768
const Text Name
Definition: big.h:2843
const CMlPage ManialinkPage
Definition: big.h:1170
Definition: big.h:4298
Definition: big.h:1196
Real EaseOutQuart(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Void Destroy(CHttpRequest Request)
Definition: big.h:3861
Boolean UseInterractiveScreensIn3d
Definition: big.h:1240
Definition: big.h:3485
Integer RaceTime
Definition: big.h:4313
const Text ColorText
Definition: big.h:4670
Void Cooldown_Start()
const Boolean KeyReturn
Definition: big.h:103
Definition: big.h:2773
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:350
Definition: big.h:2074
Definition: big.h:733
Definition: big.h:4299
Definition: big.h:1810
Definition: big.h:3828
Integer CurrentNbLaps
Definition: big.h:4217
Definition: big.h:4786
const Integer DamageInflicted
Definition: big.h:3752
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorPlace
Definition: big.h:1114
Definition: big.h:580
Boolean OverlayHideCheckPointTime
Definition: big.h:5322
const CSmMapBase[] MapBases
Definition: big.h:1615
Definition: big.h:2257
Definition: big.h:4284
Definition: big.h:1186
Definition: big.h:4006
const CTmScore[] Scores
Definition: big.h:1850
Definition: big.h:3837
const Integer CurrentTime
Definition: big.h:43
Definition: big.h:2910
Boolean IsValidUrl(Text Url)
Definition: big.h:624
Definition: big.h:2782
Integer OverlayChatLineCount
Definition: big.h:5346
const CSmScore[] Scores
Definition: big.h:1603
const Boolean IsCompleted
Definition: big.h:4481
const Boolean IsVisible
Definition: big.h:503
Definition: big.h:731
const Integer RequestedClan
Definition: big.h:4774
Boolean StyleSelected
Definition: big.h:291
Void Replay_SaveDefenseScore(CSmPlayer Player, Integer Score)
Definition: big.h:3769
const CTmScore Score
Definition: big.h:4197
CTmResult BestRace
Definition: big.h:4162
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:5851
const Type Type
Definition: big.h:2280
Text DataAttributeGet(Text DataName)
const Text ServerModeName
Definition: big.h:2961
Definition: big.h:2205
const CXmlManager Xml
Definition: big.h:139
Definition: big.h:2
const Integer DisplaySpeed
Definition: big.h:4143
Definition: big.h:2457
Definition: big.h:4277
const Boolean KeyDown
Definition: big.h:91
Definition: big.h:4982
const Integer ShooterWeaponNum
Definition: big.h:3544
Boolean EnergyReload
Definition: big.h:1682
Void Menu_Editor()
ELabelsVisibility AlliesLabelsVisibility
Definition: big.h:5482
Text BigMessage
Definition: big.h:5214
Definition: big.h:1803
Definition: big.h:4948
Real Saunter_Radius
Definition: big.h:4911
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorDown
Definition: big.h:1090
Definition: big.h:1804
Integer RoundPoints
Definition: big.h:3736
Real EaseInOutExp(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Void Replay_SaveAttackScore(CSmPlayer Player, Integer Score)
const CSmMapGauge Gauge
Definition: big.h:3701
Integer Clan
Definition: big.h:3662
Definition: big.h:4799
const CHttpRequest[] Requests
Definition: big.h:2364
Definition: big.h:2854
Definition: big.h:3841
const Text Result
Definition: big.h:4473
const Real LadderPoints
Definition: big.h:702
Definition: big.h:17
Definition: big.h:2272
Integer UiScoresPointsLimit
Definition: big.h:1954
Definition: big.h:573
const EStatus Status
Definition: big.h:3777
const Integer CampaignMedalsRanking
Definition: big.h:698
CHttpRequest CreatePost(Text Url, Text Resource)
Definition: big.h:2070
Definition: big.h:5804
Definition: big.h:3853
const Text AuthorZonePath
Definition: big.h:4557
Definition: big.h:744
Integer Stamina
Definition: big.h:3281
const Vec3 MapStartLinePos
Definition: big.h:1776
Vec3 Color
Definition: big.h:354
Boolean HasShield
Definition: big.h:3333
const Real Speed
Definition: big.h:3413
const Boolean MapIsLapRace
Definition: big.h:1788
Definition: big.h:5113
Definition: big.h:3472
Boolean DrawBlockBackground
Definition: big.h:362
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gauge
Definition: big.h:1372
Definition: big.h:2770
Definition: big.h:5709
Void UILayerDestroy(CUILayer Layer)
const Vec3 Position
Definition: big.h:4119
Definition: big.h:4274
Definition: big.h:4295
Real SmoothStep(Real _X)
Returns the value smoothly transitionning from 0 to 1.
const CBlockUnitModel BlockUnitModel
Definition: big.h:4623
const Boolean MouseMiddleButton
Definition: big.h:83
Real EaseOutElastic(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
Definition: big.h:5777
Definition: big.h:5662
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorRaise
Definition: big.h:1098
Real LadderMatchScoreValue
Definition: big.h:5081
Definition: big.h:5153
Definition: big.h:566
const Vec3 Color
Definition: big.h:2120
Void RespawnPlayer(CSmPlayer Player)
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorTurn
Definition: big.h:1106
Real EaseInOutElastic2(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks
Definition: big.h:1619
Definition: big.h:2380
const CUIConfig UIAll
Definition: big.h:4688
Definition: big.h:2275
const Text[] MediatrackIngameIsScriptClips
Definition: big.h:1034
Integer Max
Definition: big.h:4998
Text ManialinkText
Definition: big.h:1166
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl2
Definition: big.h:2993
const Vec3 PlayerLastPosition
Definition: big.h:3620
Definition: big.h:1802
Real EaseInQuint(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
CSmPlayer[] TargetsToAvoid
Definition: big.h:4923
Definition: big.h:2937
const CSmPlayer GUIPlayer
Definition: big.h:1595
Definition: big.h:4054
Definition: big.h:4930
const CSmMapLandmark[] MapLandmarks_Gate
Definition: big.h:1384
Definition: big.h:3457
Definition: big.h:4293
const EType Type
Definition: big.h:3970
ESmAttackFilter AttackFilter
Definition: big.h:4851
Definition: big.h:3961
Definition: big.h:4285
Definition: big.h:2267
Definition: big.h:756
const CSmPlayer InputPlayer
Definition: big.h:1591
Text TimeToText(Integer _Time)
Returns the Text corresponding to _Time.
Definition: big.h:5587
const CItemAnchor[] Items
Definition: big.h:1026
const Real AimPitch
Definition: big.h:4233
const Text MapType
Definition: big.h:4561
const Integer CurrentNbLaps
Definition: big.h:4095
const Boolean IsCapturing
Definition: big.h:3421
Definition: big.h:433
const Vec3 MapStartLinePos
Definition: big.h:1990
const ETagType[] Tags_Type
Definition: big.h:2188
Integer ArmorMax
Definition: big.h:3265
Text SmallScoreTable
Definition: big.h:5402
Definition: big.h:3724
Boolean NoticesFilter_HidePlayerWarning
Definition: big.h:5362
const Boolean IsEndRace
Definition: big.h:4329
Definition: big.h:2209
Definition: big.h:742
Boolean CustomEditAnchorData
Definition: big.h:4014
Void DestroyBotPlayer(CSmPlayer BotPlayer)
Boolean UsePlayerTagging
Definition: big.h:1252
Definition: big.h:2452
const Text CollectionName
Definition: big.h:2593
Definition: big.h:3856
Definition: big.h:2740
Boolean UseForcedClans
Definition: big.h:1926
const Real AimYaw
Definition: big.h:3353
Boolean PlaceBlock_NoDestruction(CBlockModel BlockModel, Int3 Coord, CardinalDirections Dir)
Definition: big.h:2869
Definition: big.h:5102
Text BrowserFocusedFrameId
Definition: big.h:480
const Text ForcedClubLinkUrl1
Definition: big.h:2989
Definition: big.h:2720
const Boolean EditorInputIsDown_CursorLower
Definition: big.h:1102
Definition: big.h:5118
const Boolean AutoClosed
Definition: big.h:4964
Void Scores_Sort(ETmScoreSortOrder SortOrder)
Real EaseInOutCirc(Integer _T, Real _Base, Real _Change, Integer _Duration)
Returns the value animated from Base to Base+Delta using R. Penner easing functions.
const CEditorPluginEvent[] PendingEvents
Definition: big.h:762
Definition: big.h:4790
Ident GetProjectileModelId(Text ModelName)
const Boolean IsSwitchedToPlayground
Definition: big.h:4046
Boolean ClipWindowActive
Definition: big.h:4429
Text AttachId
Definition: big.h:2696
Void CopyPaste_AddOrSubSelection(Int3 StartCoord, Int3 EndCoord)
Integer SpectatorForcedClan
Definition: big.h:5538
Integer NbRespawns
Definition: big.h:4341
Definition: big.h:2675
Vec3 ColorPrimary
Definition: big.h:4662
Void SetPlayerClan(CTmPlayer Player, Integer ClanNum)
Void EnableMenuNavigation(Boolean EnableInputs, Boolean WithAutoFocus, CMlControl AutoBackControl, Integer InputPriority)